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Heated Banquette seating incorporating Dragon Bench, Nando’s.


Unrivalled outdoor heating that your customers will love!

Dragon Bench™ is truly innovative outdoor heated seating.

Ultra energy-efficient, high quality and maintenance-free; it can withstand the demands of both the hospitality industry and the changeable British weather. It is designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in the UK.

Bring your outdoor areas to life with The Dragon Bench™ and ensure that guests will stay longer and keep on coming back!


• USB charging

• LED lighting

• Branding and artwork panels

• Removable and fitted upholstery

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What our clients say…

Since installing my Dragon Benches customers are queuing to use them. I started with two and have now added four more!

Owner, Redan Pub, Wokingham

I’ve recently received my first Dragon Bench branded by one of our drinks suppliers. I’m looking to get several more as our customers love them!

General Manager, Purple Turtle, Reading


Enjoy your garden in warmth whatever the season!

The Dragon Bench is the perfect way to enjoy your outdoors all year round. Whether it’s a crisp winter morning or a summer evening you will be able to relax and enjoy your surroundings in warming comfort.

Dragon Bench Customise™ and Dragon Bench One™ in garden


The Dragon Bench is fitted with dual sensing technology to monitor both temperature and internal power consumption in order to efficiently control and maintain your preferred settings.

Set the back beam and seat beam individually to give yourself the perfect feeling of all-body warmth.

For truly hassle-free heating, simply set the time and day and the Dragon Bench will monitor the ambient temperature and then automatically adjust and regulate itself.


High quality and maintenance-free; the Dragon Bench™ can withstand the demands of both the hospitality industry and the changeable British weather. It is designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in the UK.

•Durability: Dragon Benches are resistant to scratches caused by carelessness and vandalism and is designed for permanent outdoor use.

• Maintenance Free: No moving parts or servicing required

• USB charging and LED lighting available

Energy Efficiency

The Dragon Bench™ offers radically improved efficiency compared to alternative outdoor heating, while also delivering an unrivalled experience of warmth and comfort.

Heat is transferred through conduction ensuring that very little heat escapes into the atmosphere. This delivers a remarkable feeling of warmth to the user for as little as 1 pence an hour. Nothing else come close..

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